Friday, April 15, 2005

I don't care how you get to me, just get to me

Haven't done this in a while, post lyrics. But this song is on that new Cingular commercial. I found a live version of it on iTunes and I really like it. Not too deep, it's the title here that I love so much. It's by Train.
Well an airplane’s faster than a Cadillac
And a whole lot smoother than a camel’s back
But I don’t care how you get to me
Just get to me

Parasail or first class mail
Get on the back of a Nightingale
Just get to me
I don’t care just get to me

Prokeds, mopeds take a limousine instead
They ain’t cheap but they’re easy to find
Get on the highway point yourself my way
Take a roller coaster that comes in sideways
Just get to me - yeah

Go on hitch a ride on the back of a butterfly
There’s no better way to fly
To get to me
I look around at what I got
And without you, it ain’t a lot
But I got everything, with you, everything

Maybe you could pollinate over the Golden Gate
Take a left hand turn at the corner of Haight
And then a sharp right at the first street light
And get yourself on a motor bike
And if you think you’ll get stuck in a traffic jam
That’s fine, send yourself through a telephone line
It doesn’t matter how you get to me
Just get to me

Go on hitch a ride on the back of a butterfly
There’s no better way to fly
To get to me
I look around at what I got
And without you, it ain’t a lot
But I got everything, with you, everything

Cause after every day
The wind blows the nighttime my way
And I imagine that you are
Above me like a star
And you keep on glowing
And you keep on showing me the way

Go on hitch a ride on the back of a butterfly
There’s no better way to fly
To get to me, no no
I look around at what I got
Without you, it ain’t a lot
But I got everything, with you, everything

(P.S. - Look at that cute baby boy in the picture to the right.)

Thursday, April 14, 2005

I'm having a shit day. I mean, I can't explain it. I've cried once at my desk, to myself. I almost chewed someone's ass so severely that I felt like I was actually sitting outside my body, covering my own mouth with my own hand, preventing myself from exploding.

I didn't say two words to people at work today because talking just felt like it was too much work.

Sometimes, my cup runneth over with anxiety.

But before I left for lunch, my wonderful fiance reminded me that I don't have to carry all of this weight by myself. He said I am beautiful when I smile, and he reminded me of all the things I have to be thankful for, and what to do with my problems. He knows just what to say, when to say it...He's the best thing that ever happened to me.

I got back from lunch and the most beautiful bouquet of flowers was waiting for me with the sweetest card. And as usual, with one red rose in the bunch. As if his words, his caring, his support and his love weren't enough.


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Like you care.

I made my English pea salad, using my grandmother's recipe earlier this week. I've eaten it for two days straight and it never gets old. Of course, if I don't finish it up today it will be too old to eat.

It makes me very nervous when people in my office bring their lunch and leave it sitting on their desks until time to eat lunch. In the see-through containers I can see that they have chicken, or maybe a sandwich. And I just know that leaving it out for a few hours may cause some sort of digestive catastrophe.

The other day I watched a daytime talk show that featured people with various levels of OCD. I thought I was aware of all my tendencies, habits. Then I realized that you're not fully aware of some of them until someone brings something to your attention. I've got them, oh how I have them. I realized some new ones.

This isn't necessarily OCD related, but as I was walking to the kitchen at work this morning to put my lunch in the fridge, I noticed that I was unwrapping my Pop Tart as I was walking to optimize the time I spent actually in the kitchen putting up my lunch and getting breakfast ready. It occurred to me that those three seconds of "pre-unwrap time" were very important to the overall challenge that I create for myself to be super-efficient in my planning and actions. One day I caught myself unzipping my pants on the way into the bathroom. Not good in a public place like work.

The first time Todd kissed me, he had -- don't ask why -- a Glade Plug-In in his pocket. Not in the package or anything, but exposed, with all its Hawaiian Breeze goodness. I'm pretty sensitive to smells, and I asked, "What is that smell?" "Why do you have that in your POCKET?" Anyway, the other day we were out looking for apartments and while I'm picking to pieces every corner and nook of every apartment, we walked into one and I noticed he was over looking very closely at the wall. I walked over to him and he crossed his arms and leaned up against the wall and said, while smiling and nodding his head, "I'm not sure if this smell rings a bell to you or not..." I said, "Yeah, it's awful." We ended up not renting at that particular place. He's just so cute sometimes that I can't stand it.

Sorry for the rambling musings. I just felt like writing something while eating my English pea salad, rather than working.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

So good when it hits your hips

Apples dipped in caramel. Yummy.

I've had so much sugar this afternoon. I'm waiting for the crash.

Todd and I decided not to buy a house right now. We're going to rent. And not far from where I live now. It's a nice apartment. I think my ex-boyfriend lives there, though. Who cares. There's an on-site car wash, putting green, sand volleyball. I get so into the amenities that each apartment features, and I never use them. Although the car wash might be nice.

We need a desk. And a big, comfy chair. And a bigger bed. If anyone is leaving town and needs to "off" some furniture, let me know. I'm going to keep on checking

I saw my brother "Sam" in a play this weekend. He was really good in it. Some of us are more talented than others. And he took the liberty of putting my name into the play, when his character refers to his out-of-town sister. I turned red and blushed a bit out in the audience, I think I even hid my face a bit behind Todd's shoulder. AND TODAY IS SAM'S BIRTHDAY! HAPPY 26TH, SAM!!!!! Hope you like things "downhill".

This time of year, the LAST thing I want to do is work. I want to be outside (beautiful weather), I want to be napping (*&#@% time change) and I want to be cleaning (spring-style). But I don't want to work. It doesn't help that I have other things I need to do, such as pack and plan a wedding.

I had a great weekend, I hope everyone else did, too.