Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Reality TV

Do networks actually have to hire actors anymore? Reality TV has taken over. I noticed this last night while scrolling through the TV schedule and thought to myself, "How interesting? They must be making tons of money now, now that they're just filming regular people in the privacy of their homes and bathrooms." Then I wondered why they don't want to come and film Todd, Jack, Lily and me? I mean, we're terribly interesting and live such exciting lives. Just this morning, I unloaded the dishwasher and told Jack he was a "bad boy!" for dragging the shit out of Lily's poo box. Then Lily vomited on the bathroom counter. This is quality stuff.

Now, I love me some Wife Swap, Biggest Loser, and Nanny 911. So I'm not complaining. I do wonder where in the hell they find those people, but...I'm just saying, what was on TV before reality TV, and why don't we miss it? Our obsession with other people's lives goes beyond buying trashy magazines to read up on the latest news about Britney, her husband and baby...we want to know about people just like us. We have to know. We have to Tivo.

We have to start reading more, that's what we have to do.