Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Lauri Lee Luckey

I had a beautiful, meaningful, long, spiritual wedding.
I had a hectic, suffocating, quick reception.
I had an awesome honeymoon.

I'm back. Back to 240 emails. Back to crazy work stuff. Back to what is now a very messy, very crowded apartment. But very happy to be there with my husband (yowza!) and my little love muffins - Jack and Lily.

I am upset that I feel like I can't catch up on everyone's blogs. I think I might have had blog withdrawal.

I have no idea when I will get pictures...I know that they were taken with all film, so I'm not even sure if any will be digital to upload. (So there were some details that I didn't quite cover off on in the planning process...)

I think I've decided on the LLL, rather than the LBL.

I'm a wife.

I will work on a post. Sometime soon. Back to work.