Thursday, July 21, 2005

Little Update

I've been in Tallahassee since Monday morning. Meeting with my favorite client. Travel sucks, though. I'm tired, a little cranky, and just want to be in my bed. On the last leg of my trip home, a very drunk woman sitting next to me talked my ear off. For two hours I listened to her life story, some stories she repeated a few times, and got every bit of wedding advice I could stand. Mostly, the smell of alcohol on her breath was the most frustrating.

I ate at some really good restaurants while I was there. One salad I got actually had a wedge of FRIED BRIE with it. Does it get any better than that? I don't think so. But before I got the restaurant recommendations from my client, the night I arrived I ate at TGI Friday's. As I was eating, I started to really look at all the crap they have hanging on the wall. You know the stuff I'm talking about -- every restaurant like TGI Friday's has it -- a wooden propeller hanging on the wall, antique junk, lots of old signs, maybe a baby doll carriage. Stuff like that. And I started to wonder (this type of thinking is a given when you eat alone), does every TGI Friday's have the same stuff? Do they actually make that stuff to look old and antique? If not, where do they get all of it? And who are the people in those old pictures? I think it's the same stuff. I think they spend a lot of money on that decor, creating it and placing it. I'm thinking of going to a few different TGI Friday's in the DFW area just to scope out the decor and take a little inventory.

I have to get 5 days of work done in 1.5 days today. Should be fun, given all the other meetings I have today.

About 23 more days till the wedding. And I have so much to do. I need an assistant.