Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cottage cheese, hail damage, mattress syndrome, orange peel skin, dimples

The backs of my thighs are really beautiful. They have a contour and terrain that is specific and unique only to me. I love them.

What I don't understand is...I've had this problem with cellulite since I was around 105 pounds. It's always been there. I know it's hereditary. I'll always have it. But the strange thing is that as my thighs grow, the cellulite seems to change its form. Where it used to be some minor "hail damage" that actually looked worse, spread around...Now it's more like a "dent" here and there. Like all the little hail damage spots came together and formed one big dent that needs to be popped out by an auto-body specialist.

I spent some time this weekend looking at my naked, 30 year-old body in the mirror.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Uhh...the lease on our apartment is up at the end of May. I thought it was in June, or July... This means we have to give notice that we're leaving our apartment by the end of March. That's this month.

I need a brown paper bag.