Thursday, June 02, 2005

Baby Got Back

I have junk in my trunk, people. Yes, I do literally have a bunch of junk in the back of my car, from moving, but I'm referring to the size of my ass here.

Growing up, I had none whatsoever. In high school, flat. No curves, no hiney. The flat ass is part of my heritage, my genes. Somehow, out of the blue, I catch a glimpse of myself walking by a mirror or something and realize, I have some junkage in the trunkage. This is not a good thing, peeps.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I picked up the keys to the new apartment, unlocked the door, and as I walked in I noticed that nothing was as it should have been...countertops were the wrong color (I call it sweatpant gray), there was a fireplace, and the carpet was the wrong color. (A) They said the counterops would be resurfaced before we moved in, (B) most people would love a fireplace, but not when it takes up a majority of your square footage in an already small apartment living room, (C) maybe the darker carpet will wear better? I was reminded of how thankful the family was in Mexico, the one we built the house for, the house that had no plumbing and a dusty floor. And I got over it.

That evening, we moved tons of stuff from the old apartment to the new apartment, things we could take before the movers arrived. Todd, my cousins and I worked late into the night, but got a lot done. Blisters on feet. Note to self: no more moving in flip flops.

Movers arrived around 10:30, left at 6:30, long day. Apartment management calls to let me know the counters will be resurfaced on Saturday...very thankful, however it meant we had to be out of the apartment for several hours. More unpacking.

Out of the apartment for the resurfacing. (Good Lord did that stink, I mean smell, nasty.) So we headed out and spent some money. Specifically, we went shopping for a bed in the rain. Pouring down rain, without umbrellas or rain gear, all of that was packed up somewhere. We were soaked, but we found a great bed and a great deal on a matress/box springs. We also bought some other stuff, but I can't remember what right now. Saturday evening, more unpacking.

Church. Then we headed over to the old apartment to clean it and hand over the keys. I must admit, that was a little sad for me. I loved that apartment. But it was just too small for Todd, me, Jack and Lily. Sunday evening, more unpacking.

Unpacking, unpacking, and a little more unpacking. We took a break to check out our new DVR stuff, and got caught watching "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?" on the "Style" channel. We got pretty sucked into that show and watched a few shows on the all day marathon and decided to record the rest and head out for some more shopping. Poor Todd, he had to endure a "Great Indoors" shopping experience with me. He never complained, he never got tired of my walking back and forth among the towels, comparing shades of brown and pumpkin, "Which one matches better?" I could tell he was tired of it, but he didn't say a word. So I tried to wrap things up quickly, and we headed to the next five stores for the day.

Due to the shopping, waiting, endless number of boxes, we are still not unpacked. Pictures aren't hung, the computer isn't connected, and I can't sit here and concentrate on work knowing it's not all done. But I have to. Even if I have to gnaw every fingernail off my hands to get through the day.