Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bun in the Oven?

I forgot to mention that when I was in my hometown this weekend someone asked me if I am pregnant.

Don't think that I wasn't on the treadmill last night...and this morning...and on my way to yoga after work tonight.

Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I don't love baseball.

Last night we took the youth group to a Texas Rangers game. I really don't understand the draw to baseball. It's got to be the most boring sport out there. While it's not quite as slow as football, it's more like watching paint dry. But the kids are always fun. Someone always says or does something that makes it a fun night. I just like hanging with them. Another bonus, one of the kids taught me how to use my iPod Shuffle. So that's good.

Regarding the person visiting our Web sites and feeling the need to comment on our lives and stories in a malicious way...I have to spend two seconds on this. Have you ever experienced any kind of loss or pain in your life that allows you to put things into real perspective? In other words, you spend quite a bit of energy trying to piss people off, people you don't know or care about -- maybe that time is better spent somewhere else? Like someplace good and positive? Just a thought. Sometimes all we need is perspective.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

DMB, Cravings and The Lima Bean

It's been a Dave Matthews Band morning for me. The new album was released today, so I watched them interviewed and perform on "The Today Show" this morning. Then I came into work and bought the album on iTunes. It's great, it really is.

My fiance is pregnant, I think. He has very specific cravings from time to time. Last week, it was birthday cake and fried okra. This morning, he's craving chili and cornbread. He's always hungry. And I get hungry for things, but I've never had cravings the way he does.

Although, I am always hungry for a lima bean. This weekend, Will's father was cooking some and I've been needing them ever since. I usually have a can of lima beans for lunch at least once a week, but they really don't compare to fresh limas. Well, I made some last night -- they were dried limas, not fresh. I did the whole 8 hour soaking, seasoning, boiling, I was quite proud of myself. They turned out really good and I'm finding myself counting down the minutes until lunchtime when I can eat them again.