Monday, March 27, 2006

Names and Spell Checker

You're blessed today. Two posts from me in one day. I mean -- luck-y.

I need to say up front that what I'm going to type here, it's just an opinion. Your opinion might differ greatly from mine (and it likely does) so please don't be offended. Again, just my preference, my opinion. (I am obsessed with not offending, hence, not responding to my realtor's emails and calls all day today in case I choose to buy a townhome without her assistance.)

I like names that are traditional in nature. I like for a name to be spelled the way it has always been spelled, not throwing extra y's or vowels into it to give the name its own unique flavor. For some reason, this really gets to me. Grates on me, actually.

Does this mean I'm a conformist? God I hope not. I tend to buck the system in every other corner of the world around me, except when it comes to how names are spelled. (Notice I didn't say, "how you spell your name", because 99% of you likely didn't choose the spelling of your name, your parents did.)

Nice segue. So if you've had a name your entire life, you may not know that it's spelled differently than most. This never occurred to me until today. MY PARENTS SPELLED MY NAME IN A NON-CONFORMIST NAME SPELLING MANNER. Lauri. Not Lori, not Lauren, not Laurie. Just Lauri. Without the "e". I started noticing around my office that even though I've been here three years, some of the employees (my day to day co-workers) still spell my name with an E. Many of my clients do it. Vendors. My realtor. People who send me junk mail.

The reason I know that my name is spelled differently is because it's not spelled the way almost everyone assumes it is.

Of course, my thoughts on the spelling of someone's name always go back to the parents. I don't dislike Jynnifur because her parents misspelled her name. It's not her fault. I don't dislike a baby because his name is all jacked up, I just ask the parents what they were thinking when they signed the birth certificate? I mean, really?

So I've got Lauri. And now Luckey. A common word, with an "e" thrown into it. Perhaps I should take the "e" from the last name and attach it to the first, then I will be a normal girl. And people will spell it the right way, the first time.

Nah, I still think Lauri is normal; it's everyone else that's absurd.