Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Jack the Farm Dog

I can't believe Christmas is over...It's this way every year, it comes and goes so fast, I look up and can't believe it's almost New Year's Eve, once again. We had a wonderful Christmas. I think the most exciting event was getting to see my 16 year old cousin walk into the front yard to find her first car, complete with a red ribbon on top. I can remember being her age, and wishing for that car with a ribbon on it. Not many kids get this kind of treat on Christmas day, and she knows she's a lucky girl. It made me feel like I was 16 again, so that was good.

Otherwise, we spent the last several days with our families, traveling to and fro, enjoying all of it. In my hometown we played games, ate, watched movies, just enjoyed the "quiet". We even went to a friend's farm/ranch (not sure of the difference) where we let Jack off the leash and he ran directly into a huge pasture full of cows. They ran all around him, while I stood very still outside the gate, holding my chest and bracing myself for a heart attack. He also made his way into a field where they had 20-25 goats of all different colors, ages and sizes. One tried to "buck" him with her horns, again, near heart attack action for me. Now he smells like a farm dog and is in need of a good bath. I don't think my car will ever smell the same again. Jack and I are just city folk - the time in the country is fun, but I do like for him to smell good. :)

We got back into town today, and Todd and I had planned to go to a concert tonight, but I'm not sure we've got it in us to make it back out again...Being home feels nice, even if we did arrive to a strange smell in the apartment that I've not yet figured out where it's coming from...Why I'm so sensitive to bad smells, I do not know. But it's making me a little crazy.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and for those of you in this area of Texas, I hope you enjoyed Christmas in your shorts and flip flops. Nice weather.