Thursday, April 07, 2005

Stop the madness

We're not buying a house anymore. The minute I told the realtor to cancel all our viewings this weekend, I felt like I could fly, I was so light from the weight lifted.

Time, now, to get wedding planning full speed ahead. I must say, it is funny how people beat around the bush to ask you if you're pregnant because you're planning a wedding not-so-long after you're engaged. "Just think of how stressful this would be if it were a SHOT-GUN WEDDING...?" Wink, wink.

No, I'm not pregnant. Just in case anyone else was wondering.

I let my 15 year-old cousin drive home from church last night after our youth group meeting. And I was surprised at how it didn't freak me out. Perhaps I was still high from the game of CatchPhrase and knowing that I didn't have to worry all night about closing costs for a house. She has her permit now. She turns 16 next month. I'm having a hard time dealing with her growing up, she's such a good kid. We sat in the car in front of her house and talked for about 45 minutes. I'm so glad she feels like she can ask me anything and tell me anything, I really treasure our relationship.

Her driving brought back a memory for me. When I was a teenager my grandmother lived in a house (that we eventually lived in after she moved) that sat on a couple of acres. One acre was just a big field, and my friend Jason and I used to drive cars around that field -- around, and around, and around. This was before we were licensed drivers, of course. We used to do the strangest things. Now he's my finance guy for my mortgage that I'm not getting anymore. My, how people grow and change.

Work is busy. But that's a good thing.

I wish I had something more interesting, clever, or entertaining for you today. But I'm fresh out.