Wednesday, November 23, 2005


It's Thanksgiving eve and all of my laundry is done. It's the one thing on my list that was a "must do" before leaving town.

Another thing on the list was taking all the trash out. A subset of this task was to throw out the buttermilk pie that I made last week -- the recipe I used makes two pies, I took one of them to our Thanksgiving potluck at work, the other one sat here at home and got a little stale. I think we ate two small pieces from it. The reason you don't eat much buttermilk pie is because it's just so rich. Tons of sugar, butter, various extracts, buttermilk. As I'm gathering the trash, I sit down at the computer and start to check emails...this turns into about an hour of work, and that turned into Jack getting into the trash. When I found him, he had finished about half of the pie.

I called the vet. He said I had two choices -- give him a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to make him vomit, or let it ride and prepare for diarrhea all night. I'm not a big fan of vomit, so I waited a bit. In about 15 minutes Jack was crying and pacing the floor. I took him outside, and he had some issues...Came back in and he was still miserable. So I gave him the hydrogen peroxide. Just as the vet said, in 15 minutes we had a mess on the bathroom floor. Poor baby, he was so scared and felt so bad, but I know he felt better after the "incident". Now he's at the groomer having a spa day. I explained to them about Jack's morning pie eating contest, and am crossing my fingers that there are no other "incidents" while he's there. He seemed fine for a few hours before his appointment, so I think we're good to go.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I might start fasting now, so that I can prepare myself for all the goodies my mom is preparing at home. I think my responsibility is to bring the wine. Well, that and make pies with doubt buttermilk pies...I think she'll have to do those on her own this year.

Have a great long weekend, everyone!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Yet another free concert.

Last night we saw The Fray and Ben Folds at Nokia in Grand Prairie. It was a great show. I thought The Fray was a great band, so I bought their CD. They're better live than on the recorded album, but they're certainly one to watch. Kind of a David Gray meets someone...I can't put my finger on the other half.

And Ben Folds...yowza. That is one talented man. I did fall asleep during the middle of his show, but I was just so tired I couldn't help it. We had the suite to ourselves so there was lots of private room up there to sleep and whatnot. Got a little shut eye and then finished watching the rest of the show - it really was remarkable. He's a great entertainer, and I can't believe I never knew this until just now.

I just finished packing for the trip, and am about to head out to pick up my boss and head to the airport. Oh, joy. This trip can't be over soon enough.