Thursday, July 14, 2005


The other day, Todd and I were going somewhere and we stopped by Starbucks -- not for coffee, but for a sandwich. They really have the best sandwiches. Anyway, I wasn't that hungry, so I opted for the little box full of sliced apples, cheeses, crackers, and other fruits. (I wasn't even wearing my Kabbalah hunger bracelet!)

Anyway, we had to grab something quickly to eat in the car. So we got in the car and as I was eating my apples I said, "I love apples. But I like them sliced up like this, not biting into them. And if apples came sliced up this way, I'd eat them every day." This, of course, being the product of my grandmother slicing apples for me as a kid -- she spoiled me. And I'm terribly lazy. Again, digression.

So today I ran by 7-11 for some lunch. This may sound crazy, but my 7-11 is awesome. (By my, I mean, the one closest to where I live and work. I don't own it or anything. I wish! Heavens!) They have good, fresh sandwiches and fresh fruit, and I'm just tickled by their "gulp" drink which is just the right size for me, since I could never consume a "BIG GULP". People who do likely spend their day in the bathroom. And we all know how I hate a public restroom.

So I went in for a sandwich. And there they were -- "Crisp Green Apple Slices". Packed in a zipper bag, cold, and ready for me to consume. Now, I'm aware of the waste of plastic and energy that goes with providing me with these glorious apple slices, and I feel guilty about it and all. But holy moly do I love these apples.

So I bought them, then got in my SUV and went back to work.


I don't know why, but at every company I've worked for, I've been chosen to sit (and participate) on the "Culture Committee".

What I find is that these committees don't really focus on making the company a better place to work, or on creating a "company culture"...It's a party planning group. Sometimes a bitch session.

What I find the most interesting, while attending these meetings, is that there are people who clearly don't have enough work to do. They clearly need more tasks. They need clients yelling at them. They need to have to travel and sell stuff. They need to have their phones ring off the wall. If they had these things to do, they wouldn't care about whose cube got decorated for their birthday and whose didn't or when the company would have a Hawaiian shirt day. I swear, every company is like the movie "Office Space", which is why that movie is pure genius.

I stayed home from work yesterday, not feeling well. I ended up working all day long and getting more work done in 8 hours than I have gotten done in the past two weeks. I think working from home on a regular basis should be encouraged. At least for me, it's more productive.

While I was working at home, Jack was lying on the floor chewing on a green string that he found somewhere, there's no telling where. I picked it up and decided to wrap and tie it around my wrist to serve as a reminder that I have to fit into my wedding dress in a month. To remind me to quit eating chocolate and lots of desserts. To remind me that I don't NEED or DESERVE really fattening food for making it through the day without biting someone's head off. It's my own kind of Kabbalah bracelet. And I like it. It's warded off evil Fat and Calorie Spirits for 24 hours so far. It's working. And I'll sell you one for $24.99 in a month when I prove that it works.

Have a glorious day, kids.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

One month from today!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Happy Birthday, my love.