Friday, January 06, 2006

I know that I said I was going to stop complaining...But this is getting out of control. I mean, REALLY out of control. Since Tuesday, I have spent virtually all of my waking hours (those not spent cooking, eating, showering, or using the restroom) either on the phone, in the car driving to a government office which is too far away, waiting in a waiting room, talking with a bank or other credit-like agency, working with my HR department to get new insurance and direct deposit, getting a new phone and all that involves...I mean, it doesn't stop.

But it's the weekend. And while I'm usually very excited about that, I know that I will spend most of it working...Doing work that I didn't get to this week because I was doing all of the above things during normal business hours.

Next week is busy for me, I have to travel for two days and I have a new employee starting. Also, it's my boss' 50th birthday and it can't go by without some sort of damage to his office...He is literally begging us to do something, but not asking.

Also, I started a new diet. It's not so much a diet as it is eating better and healthier. Not really a resolution, either...Well it's a lot of things. Staying on it is very difficult when you're stressed. Very difficult. Yesterday, I left work early to go to the bank to close my accounts...This took a good hour and a half. I get home a little earlier than usual, before Todd got home. I started cooking something for dinner, something on "the diet" and when Todd does get home he tells me that he'd made reservations for a very nice dinner for us last night, as a surprise, to help relieve some of my stress. The meal was already made, so we just stayed home. It's the thought that counts. Sweet man. I have a sweet man, sweet dog, sweet cat and great friends and family. I've got so much to be thankful for, but I'm still very angry about the stupid purse snatching.

Breathing in...And out.......

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Theft Recon Update

Yesterday, I spent my whole afternoon trying to get my life back in order after the THEFT. I drove 35 minutes to the driver's license office. Unfortunately, my file there was flagged with an alarm because the name on my social security card didn't match the name change on my driver's license back in September, after we got married. They gave me directions to the closest (I use that word loosely) social security office, in Grand Prairie. On the way there, I almost hit my breaking point when, while driving on the two lane road there, I got stuck behind (1) the mailman, (2) the trash man, and then (3) the school bus. When I did finally get there, I walked into what seemed like an auditorium of people...I took my number (#160) and listened to the intercom system as the lady called #75.

I waited three hours to see a representative from the social security office. Thankfully, he was very nice and very helpful, very understanding. He made all the necessary changes and sent me on my way with the one sheet of paper (something I could have typed myself) that the driver's license office needed to issue me a duplicate/replacement license.

When I got back to the driver's license office (another 45 minute drive) they barely looked at the sheet I presented...The sheet I had waited three hours for...But they got me all fixed in the system and ordered me a new license, so I didn't complain.

My cell phone carrier has been Sprint for the past few years. Some friends and I all converted to Sprint when we got our picture phones and learned how to text message. Todd also used Sprint, so we were able to take advantage of the "PCS to PCS" calling for free. Now...I've not had much luck with Sprint in the past. Their customer service SUCKS, and if you notice...When you go into their stores they're always crowded with customers (if you listen closely, ANGRY customers) and the counter is stocked with cocky sales guys who make sure you know that they know more than you, and are not in the least bit helpful. When I went in yesterday to get a phone, let them know mine was stolen, they were NO HELP AT ALL. I didn't expect them to be sympathetic (which they WEREN'T), their basic attitude walked my butt right out of there, they lost the LB as a customer.

So I drove down to Cingular and got the greatest deal on a "family plan" for both Todd and me, and got a pretty good deal on some phones. Sure, the phones aren't as fancy as the ones we had before...But why have a fancy phone when it's just going to get stolen from your purse at Wal-Mart?

I understand that in a person's lifetime, they likely only have to visit the social security office or the driver's license office a handful of times. But WHY...WHY are they the least efficient places in the world? Maybe I should be thankful, given the THEFT I just experienced, that it's necessary to have REAL PIECES OF PAPER to make things happen there. I didn't understand why I couldn't request another license online...Or why I couldn't handle my situation with the social security office on the phone or online. And don't even THINK about calling them - after you get through all the prompts, they'll tell you that you need to call back, they're too busy.

I'm tired of being bitchy. I'm tired of not sleeping at night. I'm just tired. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Starting off the New Year with a the face.

I am usually a very positive person...I try to see the "bright" side of things, life's little hurdles rarely get me down. But today I am down. I am furious with mankind, I am extremely disappointed.

It all starts with me. Some of my issues are about my control, and loss of it. But mostly I am to blame for my issue today. I left my purse in my shopping cart at Wal-Mart for only a few minutes, and it was stolen. I drove off, realized it was gone, went right back to it, and it was gone. Something told me that it wouldn't be there, and that it wouldn't be turned in to customer service, that no one would be calling me to let me know they'd seen it, picked it up, and wanted to meet me at a Starbucks to deliver it to me. I just knew. And that's what makes me the most upset, that I knew that I was screwed. I never think that way, I try not to "think the worst".

I think some of my attitude comes from being at Wal-Mart when it happened. I hate that place. It is convenient for me for quick shopping, but I hate it. Maybe I'm looking for someone to blame right now, but I don't think that I'll go back there for awhile.

So it's all gone...My purse and wallet, my cell phone (and therefore every phone number that I can't recall because it's IN that phone), my credit cards, my checks, my social security card, my driver's license...Even some of the gift cards we got for Christmas, gone. Stamps. Health insurance cards.

I'm stressed right now because I have to travel to Chicago next week and I know that it will be difficult without a driver's license. I have a passport, but of course, it has my maiden name on it...There are so many other things wrong right now that I can't even write here because I'm already paranoid to the point of gnawing off all my fingernails about identity theft.

So I will spend my afternoon driving around, without a license or proof of insurance (that reminds me, another call to make), trying to put my life and identity back together. Hopefully the person just wanted the phone, maybe some stamps. Maybe they won't use my information for evil. Right now I can't even consider anything better than the worst.