Friday, April 22, 2005

I've seen fire, and I've seen rain.

Todd and I saw James Taylor in concert last night. Great show. It's the first show I've ever been to where people in the audience were saying, "Shhhh..." I mean, it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. And you could yell out requests, and he'd hear every one of them. Very low-key show. Very good.

The love of music, especially live music, is one of the things that brought Todd and I together. We've seen many live shows together since we met. We talked about that on the way home last night. I think that for our wedding reception, guests will hear only the music that we've seen live together. And that provides quite a variety, although some guests may be offended by Bob Schneider's vulgarity...maybe some of his tunes shouldn't be played at the church. Maybe some of those Incubus songs aren't really "wedding reception" type of tunes. We'll have to get selective and censor our playlist. We also have to see some chicks perform live pretty soon, or else we won't have any chick music.

It's almost the weekend...and I've never been so ready for a weekend in my life. Well, that's a lie. But, it should be a good one. My mom is getting married tomorrow. Big family dinner in Ft. Worth on Saturday night. I'm not sure if I posted this, but my sister also got married on April 1. So basically, when I see my mom and sister tomorrow they'll both have new last names.

Alright...I need to get to work. I'm tired and a little hungry -- a deadly combination for those around me. Sucks to be them.

Everyone have a glorious day!

PS -- Did anyone else see that "South Park" where Jimmy keeps getting the erections? Oh Lord I've watched it twice this week. Hilarious.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


My sister's new initials are HAM. Ham. I just realized that.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLY ANN! You may be 34, but you're entering your 35th year...Remember that. :)

Love you.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I have gotten to where I really enjoy the blog. Not my blog, necessarily. But I love going out and checking all of yours. Don't think I'm stalking you or anything, I just like going out to see if there's a new tidbit of information, a new comment, a new story. I can't remember what work was like before those little distractions?

The blogs keep me sane. On more than just the "need a distraction from work" level. It's good therapy. Like my book club. We don't even read books anymore.

So... I'm getting married in a little over three months and I haven't really done any planning. Have I mentioned this before? Honeymoon is booked. I guess that shows you what my priorities are. I think I found a photographer today. One who is talented, just getting started and needs to build a portfolio (translation: cheap). You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

I love having my back scratched.

Operation Flea Destruction ended in success last night, I think. We bathed Jack in the nasty-soap, powdered and vacuumed the carpets, put the meds on Jack and Lily...all without none of us having to make a trip to the ER. Life is good. For now.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Post Card Secrets

This is a very interesting concept, forwarded to me by Will. I'm going to put it in my links as well.

Post Card Secrets

Weekends Fly

Todd, his brother and I went to see "Fever Pitch" Friday night. It was cute. I think I expected more. It's based on a novel by Nick Hornby -- same dude who wrote "High Fidelity" and "About a Boy" -- both novels turned into, in my opinion, great movies. But this one... I think maybe it was too much of a departure from the book itself? I've not read the book, but I do know that it's about football (or soccer, for my American readers), not baseball. Not that it's difficult to make that transition for the point of this movie, but... I don't know. It was no "High Fidelity". I think Drew Barrymore kind of irks me, at least her hair really irked me in this movie. And Jimmy Fallon seemed to always be wearing a ton of make-up. And I couldn't stop trying to figure out what "Fever Pitch" means. Clearly, it has nothing to do with baseball. Am I missing something?

Saturday was spent preparing for a surprise birthday party that my friend Vincent and I threw our friend Mary. She's 30 now, you know. I think we pulled it off without her suspecting anything, and it was a blast. After shopping for food and beverages, we started the celebration doing pottery (one of our favorite old-people things to do) and then headed to Vincent's house where 30+ of her family and friends waited for her entrance. She has such a great family, some flew in last minute for the party, they said they wouldn't have missed it for the world. Great people, great fun.

I had a nail in my tire. It was sticking out about two inches from the side of the tire. Ughh. I hate driving over a nail more than I do stepping in bubble gum. Got that fixed after church, ate a big, fattening breakfast, and then picked Jack up and headed to Todd's brother's soccer game. It was nice to be outside -- although it was very windy the temperature was perfect and everyone got sunburned but me. I hang out with a bunch of pasty white crackers, I guess.

Sunday evening we ate more fattening food and rented "Open Water". Couple things to say about this one:
1. Boring
2. Long
3. Was the nudity at the beginning of the movie really necessary?
4. Maybe I should go snow skiing for my honeymoon...

I'm exhausted today. I have hours upon hours of work to do, but all I want to do is put my head down on my desk and sleep.

Question -- how did my dog get fleas? I put the stuff on his neck, clearly I'm doing it wrong. Does this mean my cat has fleas? Can I just put more of the stuff on their necks, and it will all be okay? Poor babies. The joys of apartment dwelling... Thankfully, I only saw a couple on him. But I have a feeling that somewhere out there, there is a statistic that says "for every two fleas you actually see on an animal, there are 1,000 more" or something like that.